Open and Interactive World!

Corpse Mansion has a beautifully pixel illustrated world for you to explore and interact with. Almost nothing is off limits for scavenging new resources to help you survive the apocalypse.

Plethora of Weapons!

Use over 30 different weapons! You can light enemies on fire or use a rocket launcher to end their existence. Come up with your own strategies to get past the hordes of zombies that await you.

Mob Professions

Enemies drop items related to their pre-apocolypse profession. For example, Police Mobs can drop police related items but cannot drop doctor related items.


Cole Woods, a seasoned detective working for the Hell City Police Department, finds himself in a predicament with an unlikely ally, the Commissioners’ daughter, Elena Morgan. Together they fight through hordes of the dead, and Cole must keep Elena alive if he has any hope of finding the Commissioner before it’s too late.

Unravel the mystery of the Z-virus and uncover the conspiracies that lie within it. The decisions Cole makes can impact the story or even an NPC’s fate. The dead are not the only threat to Cole. He needs to eat, rest, and drink just to stay alive. Survive this cruel world in this action-horror survival game with over 32+ weapons to find and hundreds of items to loot throughout the game.

Exclusive Rewards for Early Access Supporters!

Blueprint - Colt Rainmaker

Use this rare item to unlock upgrading and repairing any Revolver Colt Rainmaker in the game.

Revolver - Colt Rainmaker

A pistol with revolving chambers, a weapon effective at landing headshots.

Upgrade +5 to available space in inventory!

For a limited time, claim this rare reward that will only be given to early access supporters.

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Dev Log #7 – Beta Access Ending & Early Access Begins

Beta Access that has been given out to players will be effectively revoked starting August 1st, 2021. This helps me put the beta down for a second and continue the development of Corpse Mansion’s rich world & interactable environment. This is where you will live through the hardships of Hell City and feel the constant pressure […]

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Dev Log #6 – Added Pointers & Tips to the Game

Game Pointers and Tips We have added Game Pointers and Tips to the game. Currently, we have support for using XBOX ONE controllers and PS4 controllers. We still show keyboard keys by default to support our computer users first and foremost. (Hotkey bar is not compatible with controller but you can use it still with […]

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Planned Official Update Release


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