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After spending an entire two days trying to get back some lost dev posts, I finally threw the towel in. I have now just moved on from this. We have been working extremely hard to get the beta ready for everyone and we can’t let this interfere. Steam Beta Keys will not be available until after the weekend, most likely sometime next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused but this is the official announcement for this. We have something else to tell you that should make up for this and make the gameplay experience even better now! (see down below.) 

Fundthemental Games Support Forums

Introducing the new Fundthemental game support forums! We will now have a special place for all you steam beta users to voice your opinions, leave us reviews or suggestions. These forums can also be used to access exclusive walkthrough videos that I will personally be recording myself. Any incremental updates to the game can also be found here often a lot quicker than we announce on our social media platforms. Please register before you can receive these great benefits and log in. Thank you and we will see you guys soon!

Some New Additions to the Game

You will now come across zombies feeding on the dead as you can see in the video above. We are thinking of making them a little more powerful than your average zombie. Once they notice you, they will come running at a faster pace than normal in like a frenzy. We hope you enjoyed this small update and look forward to our next update soon. Thanks for your patience, bye for now.

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