Beta Access that has been given out to players will be effectively revoked starting August 1st, 2021. This helps me put the beta down for a second and continue the development of Corpse Mansion’s rich world & interactable environment. This is where you will live through the hardships of Hell City and feel the constant pressure of the zombie presence. Luckily, the new gun slotting mechanic should be in the game by then and implemented & tested giving you a whole new layer of customization for your weapons.

Key Differences Between Beta Access and Early Access

Beta Access

Corpse Mansion City Bus
  • You will not have access to every weapon in the game or access to the new gun part mechanic system.
  • You will have to pay whatever the price is at the time you wish to buy the game. (Every major update to the game we will raise the price appropriately, this excludes minor updates & bug fixes, which are free.)
  • You will lose access to the beta version of the game starting August 1st, 2021.
  • You will have to wait for the planned release of the free downloadable demo. (It’s unknown at this time when it will be ready.)

Early Access

Hell City
  • You will have access to Hell City and its ever expanding larger environment.
  • You will have access to every weapon in the game and you will be able to upgrade long range weapons, craft ammunition and repair durability at a gun workbench. (provided you have learned the appropriate blueprint for the job)
  • You will also gain access to various vendors in the game world once you reach Hell City.
  • You will receive continuous updates to the game. For player’s supporting Corpse Mansion through Early Access you will always get it cheaper than the full release & will get every update to the game for free after. This even means after the game’s full release, you will still have unrestricted access to the game regardless of price!

Will there be a Free Downloadable Demo?

Yes, eventually there will be a demo that people can play where you will start at a certain point in the game where you are confined to the Old Hospital & Psych Ward. Hopefully by then we can introduce the new gun workbench system mechanics to the game.

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