Game Pointers and Tips

We have added Game Pointers and Tips to the game. Currently, we have support for using XBOX ONE controllers and PS4 controllers. We still show keyboard keys by default to support our computer users first and foremost. (Hotkey bar is not compatible with controller but you can use it still with the keyboard keys.) But whichever way you choose to play the game, you will be prompted with the corresponding buttons that relate to your chosen controller/keyboard. We find this is an affective way to instruct our players on how to play the game since most players prefer to just play, rather than read time consuming tutorials.

Still processing & Adding Respawn Animations

Matthew Ashworth is working tirelessly on those respawn animations for the game. Once I receive more graphics I implement them right away. Check the video out to see the first 16 respawn animations one after another. I don’t think we will get all of them by the time beta is released but I will be making updates periodically to the beta demo so you guys will get the update for this as soon as I have it done.

Stay Tuned Cause the Beta is Coming Soon!

I can finally say I am satisfied with the current build for Corpse Mansion. After many many many hours of testing and in house beta testing, we hope we can finally meet your expectations as our players and fans. We always consider your suggestions and take them seriously. Please don’t be shy and leave comments of what you think of the game. We would love to hear your feedback. Thank you and we will see you soon with another update just before beta keys go out.

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