Removed Khaz Ultra Lighting from the Game

This morning I made the difficult decision to remove Khaz Ultra Lighting and Real time shadows from the game for a massive performance boost. The performance loss just wasn’t worth the headache anymore. When I can use other alternative methods to create the atmosphere I am trying to capture. Because of this, I have delayed the beta release again. Unfortunately, this has to be done.

The good news is the game plays a lot more smoother and I haven’t stopped developing it. In fact, I am working even longer hours on the game now to catch up from all of this. BIG shoutout to Vladimir Skrypnikov because honestly without him, we wouldn’t even have compatibility fixes out so fast for a lot of this stuff like we do, but we do.

Zombie Respawn Animations

We have added zombie respawn animations to the game! Vladimir and I have been working very closely together to get the respawn animation to play just right. The zombie pixel animation was drawn by our good pal Matthew Ashworth; our enemy pixel artist for the game it seems. You can find him on the meet the team page as well. Sometimes, its very hard to get everyone to be on the same exact page but as the Lead developer I kind of just have to deal with it and make it all work together anyway.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I will be solely working on the beta demo for everyone. This is my top priority and I apologize for all of this. These things kind of just happen when you least expect them too. Especially, when developing a game of this magnitude. I promise it will be worth the wait! Right now there is almost 200 drops you can find in just the beta alone! Vladimir will also be working very hard on the new Gun Part Slotting Mechanic planned for the game.

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