Killer Mob Type

I would like to first introduce a new mob type to the game. These guys who are dubbed killers, have increased speed when they catch you in their line of sight. They also attack faster than your regular zombie does and deal way more damage per hit. The video above shows your disadvantage fighting with the Submachine Gun VS the Shotgun which I will show in the next video below.

Knockback & Shotgun Spread

The shotgun has a special feature when it hits an enemy knocking them back a few squares. This allows you to basically avoid getting hit completely which is a very useful tool when enemies can attack fast like these guys do. This gun is also particularly effective against zombie hordes because of its spread feature. Shotguns are the only types of weapons that can deal spread damage.

Weapons can be Tools to

If a weapon has the trait ‘Tool’ it can be used for another purpose other than battle. For this video we will see that a knife can’t get you through this boarded up fence while a crowbar can with ease. Keep an eye out for weapons with this special trait and prioritize using other weapons without the tool trait first.

Steam Beta Submissions Closing in 5 days!

If you want a chance joining the beta crew for Corpse Mansion then you might want to do it before its too late. This will allow you to play Corpse Mansion before anyone in the general public. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and you will automatically be entered to win a key. Thank you all so much for everyone we already have that subscribed and Wishlist the game on steam. We will send out emails to the lucky winners of the Beta within 1 week after submissions close.

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