Hello everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank all my supporters! Without you guys I wouldn’t have made it this far. Also, a big shout out to my guys working on the project right now for Corpse Mansion, it can be mentally exhausting making an open world game or contributing to one in any way on your own or even in a small indie studio company. Alright, now that thats settled, let’s get to it shall we?

Steam Closed Beta Update

Corpse Mansion Game Art

This is what I been working on tirelessly day in and day out for you guy’s. No breaks, its wake up develop, then sleep lately. I have an announcement to make about the steam closed beta. For anyone who is planning on playing the game with Mac OS and has upgraded to or passed Catalina OS, please email support immediately with the email you used to apply for beta access. We can try and work out a plan to get the game working for you.

The creators of RPG Maker are working hard to try and fix games made with the engine breaking on the newest Mac OS. However, due to the nature of the update which discontinues support for 32 bit programs (RPG Maker MV is a 32 bit program), this has presented its own set of problems. Thankfully, with Windows 10 there seems to be no problem at all and the game play’s very smoothly. If you have a windows computer that’s capable of running Corpse Mansion we suggest you use that for now.

Recently Added

Dialogue System

Now, when you are faced with decisions in dialogue there will be clear indications that will let the player know when they won’t be able to take back their decision, the choice’s will show up in red while selected. Choice’s you have already selected will now show up as greyed out while selected.

Timed Bombs (Zelda Style) aka Grenades

Special Thanks to KageDesu for helping me add the functionality to the game! You will see more information on the Meet The Team page later. I loved the classics so much when I was growing up that I just had to have some kind of bomb mechanics in Corpse Mansion. So without further ado, Please enjoy this exclusive video testing out the grenades in the game.

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