Hello everyone. I haven’t given an update on the progress of development for a little while. So I’m back here to share some more goodies with you. I think from now on each week we will discuss at least one cool feature of Corpse Mansion. This way we can cover something new and exciting each week that you can do in the game! I think for the foreseeable future, we will be doing it this way, thank you. For the topic this week we will be discussing the new Submachine Gun weapon you can get in the game.

The Submachine Gun

Now here’s a weapon that can really do some damage and fast too. Another great thing about this weapon is its damage per bullet hit is a lot like the size 2 weapons that can’t hit enemies directly beside you simply because the nozzle of those guns are too long. This weapon however, is only a size 1 weapon with the power of a size 2 weapon’s damage! Use this gun to deal a lot of long range damage fast in tight areas like here at the Old Harbour in Corpse Mansion.

What’s New and Being Worked On

  • Respawn Animations
  • More Diverse/multiple sound effects when zombies take damage
  • New Mob Type: Prison Escapee
  • All Types of Enemies will now have a chance to drop some cash
  • Extension to the Highway Route 20

Steam Closed Beta Submissions

Corpse Mansion Cover Art

We are nearing the end of submission time for the closed beta. Once applications close, we will be making a final list and randomly picking 10 winners who will receive codes for free via email used for sign up to play the steam beta version of the game. Thank you for everyone who has subscribed for the chance to win a beta key and good luck! If you haven’t already signed up for the Closed Beta you can do so now here.

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